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My pleasure runs the room.

​Sensual Dominatrix in Phoenix AZ, specializing in strap on, impact, e-stim, medical, chastity keyholding, clown & cyberpunk roleplay, tickling, foot fetish, & Multi Domme sessions. 
Incall at private dungeon & outcall available to Tempe near ASU Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert & Tucson. Trained at Den of Indomitus DOIAZ with Porche Lynn

As seen on YouTube ( SoleCircus & SoleCircusX ) Pornhub, Eros, Tryst, DickieVirgin, TER, EroticMonkey, Fetilife, & PrivateDelights. Dominatrix Apprenticeship available in phoenix arizona

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I am naturally and boldly flirtatious, down-to-earth, and push open-communication whenever possible. My natural Domination style is nurturing, empathetic, playful, flirtatious, teasing, and a bit demanding. I am quite often forceful, strict, and sensual...should the situation lead Me to be. You will often find Me laughing & smiling ear-to-ear in sessions, no matter what activities or endeavors are in front of us.

I emphasize pleasure, emotional and physical intimacy, and the exploration and discovery of new activities, pleasures, and perspectives. My guiding principle in FemDom is one of "My pleasure runs the room." I follow whatever My natural inclinations and desires may be, to ensure My needs are met; Whether emotional, physical, or financial.  If My pleasure and fulfillment is not a part of what you seek, then I am not the Domina for you.

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I book sessions in the Phoenix area & travel frequently



are welcome

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For always-up-to-date pics & videos, visit My Twitter


I host sessions in My own continually evolving private playspace, Wormhole, in Tempe, AZ.


A sampling of My equipment includes: Bondage table, St Andrews cross, king size bed, hardpoints, swing, Sybian, Fuck machine, & a plethora of impact, medical, sensory, bondage, & sensual tools.

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Here you will find experiences that have been carefully curated around My specializations. Each experience will be tailored to your individual needs & boundaries, for the perfect encounter. You are welcome to book outside of these Experiences, if none of them suit your needs

I do not provide any sexual or illegal services.

Please note: My minimum rate for strap-on play is $400/hr.  You may add it to any experience, but the rate will become $400 per hour regardless of the rates listed below.

Are you an active member of the LDS church? You get a discount! (Yes, really. Click here to read more.)

bdsm fetish dominatrix prodomme domme mistress punk cyberpunk phoenix az arizona incall dungeon medical strap on latex sole circus foot fetish uglification humiliation
foot fetish glass walking circus sideshow clown roleplay dominatrix phoenix arizona


$400 per hour or $500/90mins


For those truly craving adventure, and selflessly seeking purpose. Give yourself over to Goddexx Jupiter's most intense desires, so that she may use you for her thrill-seeking amusement.


This experience is comprised of Mistrex Jupiter's all-time-favorite activities and current cravings. If you are open-minded and truly looking to provide happiness and pleasure, this is for you.


Activities will be tailored to your boundaries,

but will be centered around the following themes:

Shallow Water Play: breath control, under water bondage, waterboarding

Creative & predicament bondage / tape mummification


Fear scenarios

Heavy Impact: Beatdown / single tail / Paddling


Glass walking / bed of glass





$400 per hour or $500/90mins

Perfect for those new to BDSM, this exploratory experience includes a broad collection of activities indented to help you gain a better understanding of your own desires and interests.

Key Activities can include:

Impact play

Prostrate & Strap-on exploration


Tease & Denial

Sensory play (wax, blindfolds, etc)

Light & exploratory pain play

E-Stim (Violet wand, plugs, etc)

$400 per hour or $500/90mins


For the strap lovers, the eager to please, and those seeking to fill the void.

Whether you're a budding bimbo, an extreme stretcher, or just want to feel like a set of holes, this is for you.

Key Activities:

Slut Training


Oral/Throat Training

Dirty Talk, Degradation, Verbal Encouragement

bdsm fetish dominatrix prodomme domme mistress punk cyberpunk phoenix az arizona incall dungeon medical strap on latex sole circus foot fetish

$550 per hour (2 Dommes included)


The only thing I love more than playing with My girlfriends is doing it in front of you, knowing you'll never be allowed to participate.

Common Activities:

Tease & Denial



Lesbian Cuckolding (non-nude)

+ My full list of interests

This Experience includes one of My girlfriends joining us. You can choose from either Orian or Mia.

bdsm fetish dominatrix prodomme domme mistress punk cyberpunk phoenix az arizona incall dungeon medical strap on latex sole circus foot fetish

$400 per hour or $500/90mins


As a former professional sideshow performer, I'm always thrilled to get back to My roots in the center ring.

Key Activities often include:

Clown Fetish

Bed of broken glass

Bed of Nails

Balloon play & violations

Body Paint

Hook Suspension

Fire Play

MindFucks & Confusion

Sensory Manipulation

Sploshing / Food play / Pies / WAM


 $500 per hour (3 Dommes included)

You may request additional Dommes join us at the rate of $100/hr for each additional Domme

Tickling is My OG fetish; The thing that started it all. Cemented between joy and panic, there is nothing like the frantic laughter that comes from a cathartic tickle torture session, This Experience is HEAVILY discounted because of how much I enjoy it.


Multiple Dommes are required for this experience: Choose from any of the SoleCircus girls to join us!

Key Activities can include:

Light to Heavy tickle torture

Stocks, straps, bondage & immobilization

Implements: Hair brushes, toothbrushes, feathers, long nails, etc

tickle fetish dominatrix mistress long nails
bdsm fetish dominatrix prodomme domme mistress punk cyberpunk phoenix az arizona incall dungeon medical strap on latex sole circus foot fetish
bdsm fetish dominatrix prodomme domme mistress punk cyberpunk phoenix az arizona incall dungeon medical strap on latex sole circus foot fetish hypnosis mindfuck mesmerize

$400 per hour or $500/90mins


I am the consummate professional, the highly skilled and well regarded medical expert...the perverted doctor who abuses the authority I hold over My helpless patients, subjecting them to unnecessary, invasive, and unpleasant medical procedures and experiments, only to satisfy my all-consuming sadistic and sensual curiosities.

Key Activities often include:
Full Body Exams

Sedation (nitrous, amyls, hypnosis, or using meditation/relaxation techniques)



Electrical Therapy (Violet Want, TENS Unit, etc)

Surgical Staples or Sutures

Needles/play piercing

Saline Injections

Shaving/surgery prep

Gyno Exams, training, probing

Mock Gender Affirming surgeries

Mock Dental procedures

Invasive/uncomfortable exams

CNC / Dubious Consent

Captive Torture

floggers impact play corporal punishment training flogger paddle bdsm fetish dominatrix prodomme domme mistress punk cyberpunk phoenix az arizona incall dungeon medical strap on latex sole circus foot fetish

 $350 per hour  or $500/90mins


As a true sadist, there aren't many things I delight in more than gifting worthy masochists the pleasure of pain. This experience is suitable for all experience levels. Activities and intensity will be tailored to your desires & boundaries.

Key Activities can often include:

Light to Heavy Impact

Corporal Punishment

Exploratory pain play



Fire & wax Play


Needles & Scalpeling

 $650 per hour (3 Dommes included)

You may request additional Dommes join us at the rate of $100/hr for each additional Domme

It's just you, Me, and up to 8 of My closest goth & alt Domme friends. Can you handle it?

Can include most Activities but Our collective favorites include:

Strap-on / slut training Gangbang

Impact & Corporal punishment

Degradation & Humiliation

Forced Submission

Tease & Denial



Jupiter + Mistress Celene: $600/hr

Jupiter + Lady Vi: $800/hr

All three of Us: $1,200/hr

Looking for a Multi-Domme scenario with seasoned professionals?

Lady Vi and Mistress Celene are My favorite Pro-Dommes to work with. Our session can take place in My dungeon or at Lady Vi's Church of Satanatrix in Downtown Phoenix.

Please look through all of our limits and protocol, before requesting this type of session.


Visit My clips4sale store to see some of the sessions We have done together.

As is the industry standard, Duos/Trios are Rate Matched. This means the hourly rate for all Providers is equal to the Domme with highest rate.

 Didn't find what you're looking for? Just select the "None of these" option and provide the details (and boundaries) of your ideal session option on My application.


FIRST CONTACTRead through My website before contacting Me with questions.​ I only accept first time clients via the Bookings Application form.​ For everything else, you may email Me at


PREPARATION: Please arrive to our appointment freshly showered & in good oral hygiene.

The playspace does have a shower if you wish to take one before/after our time together.

-How to clean for strap-on





THE ABDUCTION: I will give you the address of the Playspace the day of our appointment. Please arrive as close to our appointment time as possible. Contact me if you are going to be more than 5 minutes late or early.


CONSULTATION: Before the session begins, we will recap any previously exchanged information, as well as discuss limits & expectations.

TIME: I have a well-practiced internal clock and do not use timers or alarms, but you're welcome to request them if you'd like. I aim to end major activities with roughly ten minutes left in the session to allow for showering and brief aftercare. If you'd like more aftercare, please let Me know and I will set time aside for it.

EXTENDING: If there is a chance you might want to extend your session before booking, it's best to let me know so I can leave space just in case. If you decide to extend mid-session without prior warning, that is totally okay provided I have the time. Just let me know as soon as you decide you'd like to. 

RETURN TO EARTH: Please have safe transportation arranged for heavier sessions where you may not be in the right headspace to drive. Have a satiating, protein-rich meal, drink lots of water, & make sure you've scheduled your evening routine to include plenty of down time, & a full-night's sleep.

These things can help mitigate the post-endorphin crash that usually accompanies a good sub session.

If you have any broken skin, shower twice daily for at least one week. Keeping wounds moist with Neosporin or plain vaseline will help reduce scarring and can speed healing time dramatically, as well as prevent infection.

Feel free to text/email Me for any aftercare you may need, or for questions & concerns. If you'd like to book with Me again, you're welcome to bypass My application form and just text or email Me wherever we've already been communicating. 

You may leave reviews about our time together, but please keep them PG for My safety and security.


How do I address You?

Overlord, Mistrex, Master, and Goddexx (in that order) are all acceptable. Despite the atypical spelling, I favor a mix of traditional and phonetic pronunciations, as it aligns more closely with My gender identity.

To put it simply, you can pronounce these as they are written (like Mis-tricks) or as if the Xs are Ss (like Mistress). Dealer's choice. I enjoy both interpretations. 

I see a lot of foot fetish on your social media, is it okay if I'm not into feet?

A B S O L U T E L Y. I tend to focus on foot fetish content online, due to My large internet following in that category. However, when it comes to in-person sessions, it's actually on rare occasion that I focus on or incorporate foot fetish activities. This is a "by request" activity, and I generally focus on the listed activities for any given Experience. I have designed My "Experiences" around My favorite activities, so rest assured if you're booking according to these, or within My Interests and Limits list, I'm plenty satisfied without incorporating feet in any way.

What are your absolute favorite session activities?

Impact (as heavy as is within limits), E Stim (teledildonics in particular), gloved exams, beatdowns/punching, anal experimentation and stretching (relaxed clinical vibe), sounding, waterboarding/underwater play, uglification, and multi-Domme Clown WAM sessions.

Are you okay with newbies?

I sure am! Despite My rather severe inclinations, I'm pretty damn good at reading people, and staying contently within whatever boundaries are in front of Me. We all start somewhere. If you have no idea where to begin, but are looking to try new things, I recommend the Introduction Experience listed above.

Is nudity allowed in sessions?

I practice CFNM in all of My fetish endeavors. Sometimes that may mean I'm wearing fetish gear or lingerie, sometimes I am fully dressed-up in "gothy" street clothes. On My own whim, I am not shy in breaking this rule, however I do not take requests for topless or nude sessions. Generally speaking, this is rewarded and not freely given. subs are expected to be nude by default, but you are welcome to keep your clothes on as well if you prefer.



You must fill out this form completely to be considered. All incomplete applications are ignored.

The more information you provide, the greater the chance of your application being accepted.



Naturally, let's get the ugly non-negotiables out of the way first;  If you don't vibe with My rules, there's no point in continuing on to the rest of the app.

Session Protocol:


How would you describe yourself? (select all that apply)
Have you seen a proDomme or other Adult Service Provider before?
Are you visiting AZ or Local?


How long are you looking to book?


Which Experience would you like to book?
Desired session location:
Are you seeking a power exchange? (Domme/sub dynamic)
How would you describe your ideal Domme/fetish provider? (select all that apply)
How do you feel about marks? (Temporary, gone within two weeks)
Is it okay for Me to wear cosmetics or scents that may possibly transfer on to your skin or clothing? I.E. glitter, perfume, non-transferproof makeup?
Would you like My hands-on apprentice to join us in session? You must tip her $100/hr*
To learn more about
 the SoleCircus girls who are available to join us, Click here.


Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application. A thoughtful application is the first test of our compatibility. If I believe we are a good match, I will contact you at My earliest opportunity to continue the booking process.

If you believe your chances of being accepted are high, yet you haven't heard back from Me within a few days, fell free to email Me to double-check that I have received your application, at

Successfully Submitted!

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