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dominatrix phoenix arizona az dungeon femdom domme apprentice
dominatrix phoenix arizona az dungeon femdom domme apprentice

Seductress Mina is a long-term lifestyle fetishist and Dominant, making Her way into the ProDomme scene. She has already blown Me away with Her natural skills and cruel-but-sensual inclinations.

I've trained many Dominas but Mina is far and away the most naturally skilled "baby Domme" I've had the pleasure to Mentor. It's truly hard to believe She's new to this, but Her many years of Lifestyle experience really shine through every time I have the privilege of working with Her. She really is all-in in a very special way.

It is an additional $100/hr to have Mina join us in session (I do not believe in trainees working for free). She is also *very selectively* accepting solo sessions for Her own separate rate. To see her solo or to learn more, visit Her website.

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Mina's demeanor can be described as sensual, smiley, strict, demanding, appropriately-sadistic, and very charismatic. We tend to have very similar personalities and Domination styles and compliment each other beautifully in session.


Mina's natural skills & favorite activities include:

Strap-on Training

Verbal degradation, encouragement, & praise

Sploshing / WAM


Pain & Sensory Play
Foot Worship

Human Ashtray / Smoking Fetish


Some skills Mina is particularly excited to learn more of include:

Traditional Shibari / Rope bondage

Medical: Needles / staples / sutures

Heavy Impact & Single Tail

If you enjoy these activities and are comfortable in a "practice dummy" position (under my strict guidance of course) I strongly encourage you to consider her to join us in session.


Raceplay/Racial Degradation

Anything involving animals or insects (including crushing)

sub/switch sessions

Nude face-sitting/smothering

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