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buy worn smelly stinky socks online free shipping foot fetish model phoenix arizona dominatrix

Buy My stinky socks

includes 3 Days of wear


Includes US shipping.
International shipping: $15

Additional days of wear: $15/day

How I ship:

Freshness: I ship socks double-bagged, with air removed for freshness. I pack and ship the socks within 30 minutes of removing them from My feet.

Discretion:  I ship all socks in an unmarked blank white or manila bubble mailer envelope. There will be no return address and no "From" name unless otherwise requested. Only your requested name/address will be on the outside of the envelope. I can ship them to a residential or business address, or PO box.
For international packages I mark as a low-value gift to avoid high VAT etc, unless otherwise requested. 

Feel free to email or DM Me on Twitter with any questions regarding shipping.

Socks Order Form
How stinky do you want the socks to be? (So I can tailor My activities & footwear)
How many days would you like Me to wear them? Please note: the longer I wear them, the more "grimey" they'll be on the bottom.
Payment Method:

I'll get back to you as soon as I can, feel free to email Me at to check in on your request if you haven't received a response within 72 hours.

Thanks I'll get back to you soon!

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