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Services I do not provide:

Bare or Nude smothering & face sitting

Feminization as a form of humiliation

Racial degradation / Raceplay

Smoking of any kind

I do not do Castrations, or issue any other type of permanent damage 

I DO NOT offer sub/switch sessions.

How does it work?

By buying My videos directly from Me:
you get a huge discount
the clipsites don't take half My earnings
and I get to post whatever the fuck I want. 

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it's a

Scroll through the form and select the video(s) you want to buy. Click Submit. Then click the link that appears, and pay with your debit/credit card.

That's it! I'll email your videos to you within 24 hours of receiving payment. - cursor_PNG46.png

I use the Payable Forms add-on via Google Forms: A well established payment processor used by major businesses, with more than 250,000 5-Star reviews. My Payable Forms app uses Paypal as the back-end processor. 

And don't worry, I collect and keep 2257 consent forms for EVERY performer in My videos. Skirting the clipsites doesn't mean skirting the law <3

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